Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio

Andrzej Jagodzinski

photo one of the best pianists in Poland, composer and arranger was born in 1953. He received his degrees from the Frederick Chopin Conservatory where he studied French Horn while already engaged by the Polish Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra. In 1979 Jagodzinski participated in the Old Jazz Meeting Zlota Tarka and received first prize for "pianist of the year".
He has played with some of the best jazz groups in Poland including The Old Timers, Swing Session, String Connection, The Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet, The Janusz Muniak Quartet, The Big Warsaw Band, Quintessence, The Tomasz Szukalski Quartet, The Jan Ptaszyn Wroblewski Quartet and Jarek Smietana's Polish All Star.
Jagodzinski has toured in most European countries, Australia, and the United States, India, Kuwait, Cuba and the former Soviet Union and has been representing Polish jazz for the past 16 years at: Jazz Yatra-Bombay, Ost-West Nurnberg, Jazz in Europe-Paris, Skane Festivalen in Malmo, Edinburgh Art Festival, Ankara Music Festival, Leverkusener Jazz Tage, Istanbul International Festival and in all the major Polish jazz festivals. Since 1981 Jagodzinski has been performing with "Poland's first lady in jazz", Ewa Bem.

Selected discography:

Polskie Nagrania Records
Old Timers - Old Timers
Be a Man - Ewa Bem&Swing Session
Live in Warsaw - String Connection
Eryk Kulm Jazz Productions
Birthday - Quintessence (Best record of the 1992 - Jazz Forum Magazine)
Black Label Records
More Love - Henryk Miskiewicz
Remembrances - Henryk Miskiewicz
Do widzenia, do jutra - Mariusz "Fazi" Mielczarek
Duets - Irena Santor
GRAMI Records
Kakaruka - Henryk Miskiewicz
Polonia Records
Live in Hades - Jan Ptaszyn Wroblewski Quartet
Quiet City - Wojtek Staroniewicz Quartet
Chopin - Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio (Best record of the 1994 -Jazz Forum Magazine)
Christmas - Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio
Chopin - Live at the National Philharmonic - Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio
Piosenki lwowskie - Wlodzimierz Nahorny
Tribute to Marek & Wacek - Masecki / Jagodzinski
Koch International
Koleda na caly rok - Ewa Bem
Polygram / Poland
Koncert Inaczej - Kasia Kowalska
Szeptem - Anna Maria Jopek

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