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March - The Polish Jazz Festival in Moscow (Russia) more
August - Bansko Jazz Festval (Bulgaria) more

January - concerts in Obninsk and in Moscow at the The Gnesins' Academy of Music (Russia)
January - GOLD CERTIFICATION AWARD for the sale of the Sonata b-minor CD more, more
May - concert at Beirut Music and Art Festival (Lebanon) more
June - Czeslaw Bartkowski's "50 years on jazz scene" celebration concert (Warsaw, Poland)
July - concert at the "Brosella Folk and Jazz Festival" (Belgium) more
December - concerts Kaohsiung and Taipei (Taiwan) more, more, more, more


February - Tromso, Nordlysfestivalen (Norway) - more
February - Chopin 200th anniversary concerts - Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, Wegorzewo, Cracow Philharmonic - (Poland)
March - Frankfurt/o (Germany) - more
March - 3 x Chopin with Ewa Poblocka and Leszek Mozdzer - Washington, Atlanta/USA - more, more
March - II Spring Piano Feast - Belgrade (Serbia)
March - 14th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival - Warsaw (Poland)
April - Chopin 200th anniversary concerts - Gdansk Music Festival (Poland)
April - release of the "CHOPIN - LES BRILLANTES" CD - more
May - Kaunas Jazz Festival (Lithuania) more
May - Chopin 200th anniversary concerts - Ljubliana, Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Beijing, Tjanjin (China)
May - Israel Festival - Jerusalem, Haifa - more
June - Concentus Moraviae 2010 (Czech Republic) - more
June - Istanbul Music Festival (Turkey) - more
July - Chicago - Millenium Park (USA) - more
July - Jazz Na StarĂłwce, Warsaw - more
August - Jazz in Kiev (Ukraina) - more
September - Festival de la Culture Polonaise au Luxembourg - more
September - concerts in Canada (Edmonton /more/, Calgary /more/, Vancouver /more/) and USA (Chicago CSO concert hall and NYC Carnegie Hall)
October - concert in Viener Concerthaus (Austria) more
October - Belfast Festival (Northern Ireland)
October - Ljubljana - concert at the EPTA conference (Slovenia) more
November - concert in Greifswald (Germany) more
December - concerts in Madrid and Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Paris (France) and Braga (Portugal)


January - JazzOlive, Brussels, (Belgium) - more
February - Release of the "Sonata b-moll" CD - more
March - Jazz at the Philharmonic - Olsztyn - more
April - with Lora Szafran - concert at the goEast Festival Wiesbaden - more
May - concerts in Bejing - NineGates Festival more, more
July - concerts in Romania, incl. Garana Jazz - more
September - concert at the Polish Piano Festival in Slupsk - more, - more
September - concerts in Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo - more


March - with Giovanni Mirabassi - Jazz Nad Odra Festival, Wroclaw (Poland)
April - Brubeck Festival - Washington , concert in Pittsburgh (USA)
May - concerts in Mallorca and Barcelona (Spain)
August - Warsaw, open air "Jazz na StarĂłwce" Festiwal - more
September - International Days of Jazz Music in Vinnytsia (Ukraine) - more
October - "Herbert - Glosy wewnetrzne" - oratory by A. Jagodzinski, Warsaw - more
November - Polské dny v Ostravě, (Czech Republic)
December - Jazz Jamboree Warsaw, 50th fetival anniversary gala concert


January/February - concert series "Jagodzinski Trio with Strings" /Poland/
(Baltic Philharmonic - Gdansk, Swietokrzyska Philharmonic - Kielce, Koszalin Philharmonic, Lublin Philharmonic, Silesian Chamber Orchestra)
March - with Grazyna Auguscik and Sarasota String Quartet - USA tour
(Davie, Sarasota, Atlanta, Washington, New York) - more
March - "Jazzsinfonica" - Gala Opening Concert at 11th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival - Warsaw (Poland)
April - release of the CD "Jazzsinfonica" recorded live at the 11th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival - Warsaw (Poland)
May - concert in Budapest (Hungary)
October - with Giovanni Mirabassi - concert tour in Poland
(Lomianki, Szczecin, Warsaw)
November - concert in Madrid (Spain) - more


January - concert in Warsaw with flutist Jadwiga Kotnowska and National Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
February - concert in Tychy with flutist Jadwiga Kotnowska and AUKSO Chamber Orchestra
March - concert tour with guitarist Eric Franceries - Lublin, Bialystok, Torun, Gorzow
March - with Grazyna Auguscik, Jim Gailloreto and Paderewski Symphony Orchestra - concert in Chicago (USA) - more
June - concerts in Buenos Aires (Argentina) - more
August - with flutist Jadwiga Kotnowska and AUKSO Chamber Orchestra - Sejny/Poland
September - concerts in Isafjordur and Reykjavik (Island)
October - concert at the Polish Days in Uppsala (Sweden)
November - with Giovanii Mirabassi - concerts in Japan (Osaka, Tokyo, Nishiwaki/Kobe) promoting release of the "C-minor" CD - - more


February - concert tour in Turkey - Istanbul, Ankara
February - special concert at The Moscow International Performance Arts Center (Russia) - more
February - with Giovanni Mirabassi - concert tour in Poland Warsaw, Jaworki, Bielsko-Biala, Cracow
March - concerts in Samara (Russia)
April - concerts in Mexico
Mexico City - more, San Luis de Potosi - more
May - with Ewa Bem concert at the Music in Lancut Festival
October - Jazz at the Philharmonic - Wroclaw, Walbrzych, Jelenia Gora


June - concerts with Lew Tabackin
Warsaw, Gdansk
August - concert tour in Poland with Giovanni Mirabassi
November - Jubilee Gala Concert - 10 years of the Trio
November - concert tour in Poland with Lew Tabackin
Wroclaw, Gliwice, Cracow
November / December - concert tour in Russia
Perm, Tiumen, Surgut, Eckaterinburg, Omsk


May - release of a CD - "Jagodzinski Trio with Giovanni Mirabassi"
May - with Giovanni Mirabassi Poland concert tour including Era of Jazz Festival
June - concert at the Sofia Music Weeks Festival (Bulgaria) - more
August - with Giovanni Mirabassi concert at the open air "Jazz at the Old City Festival" (Warsaw)
September - "3 x Chopin" with Janusz Olejniczak and Leszek MoĹźdĹźer - concert in Gamla Logen in Oslo as a part of the state visit of the President of the Republic of Poland in Norway - more
September / October - USA concert tour /Chicago, Albany, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Miami, Chicago/
October - concerts in Lund and Karlskrona (Sweden)


February - concert at the Big Hall of the Moscow Conservatory (Russia) - more
March - concert at the Kijow Conservatory (Ukraine) - more
April - Fryderyk' 2001, Jazz Musician of the Year - Polish show business award for Andrzej Jagodzinski
June - concerts in Barcelona and Madrid (Spain)
July - with Ewa Bem concert at the Residence of the USA Ambassador, Warsaw celebrating Independance Day of the USA

May - concert at the "Jazz a Liege" (Belgium)
June - Russia and Belorus concert tour including White Nights Festival - Petersburg (Russia)


January - concert at Cracow Philharmonic as a part of the series "Master concerts - ElĹźbieta Penderecka invites" (Poland)
June - concert at the "Polish Day" - EXPO 2000, Hanover (Germany)
September - special concert in Monte Carlo
September - "Gold CD" award for the album "Chopin Once More" (Poland)
October - concert at the 52 Bookfair - Frankfurt (Germany)
December - concert series at the Teatr Ateneum - Warsaw (Poland)  


February - concert at the "Piano Romantique" Chopin Festival of Montreal CBS Radio (Canada)
February - concerts at the "Al Bustan Festival" - Beit Mery (Lebanon)
April - concert tour - Sweden, Estonia
April - concert at the "Kaunas Jazz Festival" (Lithuania)
May - concert at the Lancut Music Festival (Poland)
June - concert at the Israel Festival - Jerusalem
June - release of the record Chopin Once More
June - concert at the "Fete de la Musique Festival" - Paris (France)
August - concert at the 54th International Chopin Festival - Duszniki ZdrĂłj (Poland)
August - concert at the 40th International Chopin Festival - Marienbad (Czech Republic)
September - release of the record "CHOPIN - Metamorphosis" - OPUS 111 Records (France)
September - concerts at the "Musikfest Bremen" (Germany)
October - concert tour in Mexico (incl. Festival Cervatino - more)
October - concert at the Polish Week organized by Passauer Neue Presse (Germany) 


January - concert tour "Christmas" with Urszula Dudziak and Grazyna Auguscik
(Wroclaw, Warszawa, Torun, Ostrow Wlkp, Krakow, Bielsko-Biala, Gliwice, Tarnow, Chorzow, Poznan, Olsztyn)
April - concert in Brussels for BASF/Belgium

March - concert in Budapest (Hungary)
May - release of the record Chopin Live
September - release of the record Deep Cut
October - concert tour of France (including jazz-festival Auvers sur Oise)
November - live concert for Radio France Musique in Paris
November - concert at the 10th International Pianofestival F. Chopin in Gent (Belgium)

January - concert at the Prague Philharmonic (Czech Republic)
February - concert at the Sofia Philharmonic (Bulgaria)
June - concert in Helsinki (Finland)
June - concert in Tallin (Estonia)
July - concert at the Grant Park Music Festival - Chicago (USA)

January - Best Record '94 Award for the disc Chopin - Jazz Forum Magazine readers poll
March - Fryderyk'94 - Polish show business award for the disc Chopin
April - concert at the Warsaw National Philharmonic and recording of the disc Chopin Live
April - concert tour in Turkey (including Ankara Music Festival)
November - concert tour and release of the disc Chopin Live in Mexico

June - concert tour in France
October - recording of the disc Christmas
October - special concert Chopin in Jazz at the Warsaw Jazz Jamboree festival 


October - first performance of the Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio
December - recording of the disc Chopin

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